Singapore/Malaysia polyamory community and dating club about polyamorous people.

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Building the community !

  • I've had chats with several people through dating apps so far that are at least basically familiar with what polyamory means, which means the idea exists here. It's definitely not limited to just the few people who have made accounts on this website so far.

    This community isn't lively at all though, which doesn't encourage newer members to actually sign up and start talking. The only way to fix that is by being a place where conversations are being had despite the low population. If we're interesting, people will join us.

    So feel free to hit me up! I'll try to make it a point to post blogs or tell small stories about myself and what being poly means to me, but I would *love* it if people I don't know yet had something to ask or say.

    I'll be in Singapore for at least one year, and more than that is likely, so I promise that for the entire time I'm here I'll respond to anyone who shoots me a message... even if it's only 'Hi'. :)

    user335 1215 days ago
  • I totall support you user335, hope anyone to respond you here. I also thinking to organize casual meetup soon. So people can come and talk and share theirs stories.

    All the best, 

    Arsenius 1215 days ago
  • Hello,

    I'm hoping this site is still active. I'm currently in Singapore this week and I would love to meet up with others and share experiences about poly.


    mayang 626 days ago