Singapore/Malaysia polyamory community and dating club about polyamorous people.

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  • Tally ERP 9 solutions provider in Mumbai

    Last updated 31 days ago by sawindia
    Tally ERP 9   India's premier business software provider Tally Solutions has out the launch of Tally. ERP 9 Release 6th, its GST ready accounting and compliance software. A beta version of the program is available to download totally free...
  • How to develop an elegant webinar

    Last updated 146 days ago by HostName
    Of course, much more goes into hosting a webinar than simply the live page! You should be able to collect signups to your current event, forward them to a thank you webpage, design the event page, generate the replay page, set up e-mail and...
  • 5 Myths About Love, Sex, and Relationships That Stop Us From Accepting Polyamory

    Last updated 962 days ago by Arsenius
    Whenever I tell monogamous people that I’m polyamorous, I’m always met with a lot of curiosity.  While people sometimes act in a discriminatory manner, I often get a lot of respectfully phrased questions and musings. “How...
  • Donation

    Last updated 682 days ago by Arsenius
      WE ACCEPT DONATIONS IN BITCOINS.       Please send your donation to this address: 1PoLySGxAucp8qUmtT2kfC9LB7z6EpDYAK Don't know where to get your bitcoins?Please use this service  
  • Make poly relationships work

    Last updated 1248 days ago by Arsenius
    Dos and don’ts for happy polyamorous relationships Pragmatic advice on things likely to help your relationships work   Guidelines to consider when managing polyamorous relationships Polyamory adds a significant layer of complexity...
  • For monogamous

    Last updated 1248 days ago by Arsenius
    I’m monogamous, and I’ve fallen for someone who’s polyamorous! Making relationships work when you’re monogamous and your partner isn’t   The information presented here assumes that you are in a traditional,...
  • F.A.Q.

    Last updated 1248 days ago by Arsenius
    What is polyamory? Polyamoryrefers to romantic love with more than one person, honestly, ethically, and with the full knowledge and consent of all concerned. Polyamory often involves multiple long-term committed relationships, either separately or...
  • Compare and Contrast: Polyamory vs. Swinging

    Last updated 1397 days ago by Arsenius
    Polyamory is often compared to the swing or swinging lifestyle.  They are both part of a broader lifestyle choice of 'open relationships'.  Poly and Swing are similar in that they both can involve more than 2 people sexually, and they're...